Friday, March 28, 2008

Terri - intro and progress

Hello all - my name is Terri and I live in Portland Oregon. I know quite a few of you from other places - Library Thing mostly. Thanks, Wendy, for inviting me to participate. Challenges are new to me and my reading has expanded so much because of them. Though my biggest challenge is not to get stressed out about the challenges!

I hadn't even heard of the Orange Prize before LT, but I'm so drawn to contemporary women writers, so this seems like a natural for me. Here's what I've read to date of the winners and from the short lists:

Fiction prize:
  • Fingersmith
  • The Poisonwood Bible
  • The Weight of Water
  • Alias Grace
  • Accordion Crimes
  • The Hundred Secret Senses
  • Digging to America (which I detested!)
New writers:
  • The Lizard Cage
I have a number of the winners and short list books very high on my TBR pile already:
  • Half of a Yellow Sun
  • The Inheritance of Loss
  • A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers
  • The Night Watch
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin
  • Old Filth
  • Small Island
  • Unless
  • The Blind Assassin (top of the heap)
  • The Magician's Assistant
There are also about a dozen on the longlists that I've read but won't list them just now. I haven't quite decided how I want to tackle this -- I think reading all the winners is a must for me; and then perhaps adding at least one from each short list. I'll keep you posted!

(Later, edit) Ok, I've decided to read all the winners (both categories), at least one from each short list and at least one from each long list. This is in addition to those I've already read. Whew. Glad that's settled.

We seem to have some date issues - the front page of this blog shows it's Tuesday April 1st. I hope that's wrong, 'cause if it's right, I'm supposed to be at work!! And it shows the date of my post as yesterday's date. Puzzling.

I'm looking forward to sharing progress and thoughts with you all!


Wendy said...

Welcome, welcome! You can always change your goals as you go no pressure or stress here, Terri!

Don't worry about the dates on the posts. The introductory post says an April date because I had to do that in order to keep it on top :) I will probably keep advance dating it to keep it where it is! The reason your post is dated yesterday is that was when you FIRST posted it. When you go into edit your posts, they will keep the original date UNLESS you change it. To change the date, simply scroll down in the create post and click on post then gives the option of changing the date and time of your post (look to the far right). Clear as mud?!?! *laughs* Let me know if you have any other questions!

Terri said...

Got it, thanks Wendy. I must have started a draft of my post last night, but didn't post it until today. I didn't realize you could change the dates, that's cool. Thanks.