Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do You Yahoo?

I have started a Yahoo group for this challenge.

Readers participating in the challenge do NOT have to join the Yahoo group (likewise, readers may join the Yahoo group while not joining the challenge), but I thought some of you might want to. The Yahoo group format provides an easily accessible, interactive forum for readers to discuss the "Orange" books they are reading. At this time, I have no plans to schedule formal monthly group reads; however "buddy reads", as well as informal discussions of the books is definitely encouraged.

EDITED July 29th to add: We will be honoring one author a month in the Yahoo group (August will be Rose Tremain) where members may post links and thoughts about this author, share reviews of her work, read from her body of work, etc... as they wish (there are no requirements that members must participate!). Additionally, we will keep Jill's fabulous Orange July and add an Orange January as a focus on books which have won or been nominated for the Orange awards.

Sound fun? To join use the button below (or in the side bar of this blog).

Click here to join Orange_Prize_Project
Click to join Orange_Prize_Project

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