Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Administrator

Thank you to Jill from The Magic Lasso who has agreed to be co-administrator of this blog and challenge. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed keeping up with everything and so am thrilled that Jill will be helping out here! Jill and I will be working together to keep things running smoothly - please don't hesitate to leave us a comment for any questions you may have!


Terri said...

Thank you Jill for stepping up! You guys are terrific.

I have a request, now that I've buttered you up. I'm finding the new blog template really hard to read - the color combinations and darkness are difficult for these almost 60 year old eyes. Can it be modified a bit?

Thanks!!! Happy almost Orange January!

Wendy said...

Just for you, my dear Terri, I've tried a new look...let me know if this one is better :)

farmlanebooks said...

Jill, Thank you for helping on the site!