Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nickelini's Review - Ghost Road

I read Pat Barker's Ghost Road last November as part of a WWI theme-read. It is the third book in a trilogy, and although the book stands alone, I think it is best when read along with the other books. This novel also won the Booker Prize. Here are the comments I wrote when I finished it.

Rating: 4/5

Comments: I think this one is probably the best-written of the Regeneration trilogy--I think the symbolism was particularly sharp. Interesting story, and I think it would stand on its own, but I'm glad that I read the other two books first. I suspect the Booker Prize was really for the whole series and not just this one book. I know some readers didn't like the sections where Rivers remembers Melanesia, but I didn't mind them--possibly because I've been there and think Barker captured it quite well.

Recommended for: Obviously anyone who has read the earlier two books, but also anyone who likes war stories that are different from the usual.

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