Friday, September 6, 2013

Christopher's Introduction and Progress List

In a previous life I was an Ecological Scientist but for the past seven years I have been my disabled mum's full time carer. I have always been a big reader especially of women's novels. My favourite novelist being Virginia Woolf.
I recently started to write a blog about the Women's Prize for Fiction. To be more exact, I am reading and writing on all the shortlisted books since the prize began in 1996.
To stop my brain turning to mush I started a English Literature degree through the Open University. I have also started to write short stories and poems.

Below are the books I have read so far.

Julia Blackburn - The Book of Colour 1996
Helen Dunmore -  A Spell of Winter 1996
Pagan Kennedy - Spinsters 1996
Amy Tan - A Hundred Secret Senses 1996
Marianne Wiggins - Eveless Eden. 1996

I have almost finished Anne Tyler's Ladder of Years 1996

Looking forward to many enjoyable hours on this website.


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